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10 Best Android booster Apps

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Yeah, the complaint is the same.’ My Android phone is slow’.You need to boost it. But what is the best way to do this? There are the best Android Apps that will make it easier for you. I have personally used some of these Android booster Apps. Its brilliance has led me to share with everyone. I will arrange it from the highest in terms of Reviews and Ratings alongside my own experience to the lowest.

So if it comes first then you know the deal and vice versa. But to learn a little bit, do you know why all of a sudden your android phone turns slow. Yes. There are several reasons for this. Let me help you out if in case you are not seeing or doing something which will result in slowing down your Android phone then you stop.


  • Downloading Several Apps on Your Phone

    This turns to be a case when your phone is having several Apps downloaded but with limited storage or internal storage. When this happens the phone does not get enough space to operate under normal circumstance. This will generate a conflict between the phone system and the App’s, therefore, slowing it down. The Android system has to take all measures need to get an acton done whiles the App will also not let it. In the long run, causing a delay.

  • Old Phone to New Apps

    Some of the upcoming Apps require much space to operate on our phone. If your phone is an old type with limited updates. The system cannot cope with the requirements on the App. Therefore, if you use such an old type of phone and you install new  Apps your phone will be forced to slow down. Some of the Apps you need to watch in connection with this issue is Gaming Apps.

  • Batteries

    Some batteries turn to heat up most a times for Android devices. This is because the phone’s battery has gotten out of age. So when it heats it affect the phone CPU performance. As a result, making the CPU to do a lot of processing work which slows down your phone

Let’s take the 3 issues for now so that we can forecast on the topic at hand.


  • Clean Master
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Clean master actually does the cleaning work for you at the backend. It will remove all the unusedCover art files. In it is also an Antivirus which will equally kill all the phone virus to speed up your Android phone performance. The clean master does not take much space. With personal experience, I was able to increase my internal memory by 50 megabytes after using this  App. The App has 34 million 5  star rating on Android which shows its unprecedented performance.

  • 360 Security
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Another all in one App for Android. You will get you system bosted for free with 360 security. My Cover artwife uses itel1508 which she usually brags with its performance. I checked and saw that she has a 360 security App already installed by the Manufacturer. What 360 does is, they take off all the Scan installed apps, memory card content and new apps automatically. Giving you a free way zero- no-harm to phones. Also, you get your RAM cleaned up automatically as well.

Cover art

  • Security Master

Great App by all standard. You get you Apps locked with security master as much as boosting your CPU. The Security Master App provide your phone with fast secure VPN proxy which makes browsing easier and faster. Its also a battery saver and CPU cooler thereby increasing your phone performance.

  • Booster & Cleaner

The App will let you have a one-tap-clean of your cache to boost your Android performance. It is designed in such a way that always you will not have to manually do the cache cleaning job. A simple icon is Cover artplaced on your phone screen to give you an easy touch after downloading and installing. If you are using an old phone. It will be a good type of Android booster for you. Because it needs a small memory to operate. It also cleans up your trash as well.

  • Android Cleaner

Another great App by all standard. You can schedule your boost with this App. It will empty your trash, clear cache an

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d optimize your RAM. It helps conserve your battery energy to power your device at a normal pace. Hence, your battery will not heat nor overpower your CPU to slow it down. You see some virus can also duplicate some of your files and increase your storage. This App booster seamlessly removes all your remove all files that are duplicate, Hidden, on your phone.

  • DU Speed Booster

This what a very good friend of mine, James uses. DU brand has a lot of Apps which are very powerful. They have Battery saver, Cache cleaner, etc. But the cache cleaner works very well when boosting up your Android. I got this Cover artrecommendation earlier this year but already I was using the Clean Master. Hey, mentioning that does not mean DU cache cleaner is not good. It will clean up junk files, give you optimum security, network boost and a whole lot. What I dislike is the fact that they show too many Ads. But at least they could add a paid version to remove ads. I think that would have let me be part of their trail. Lol.

  • Avast Cleanup

Avast, another well-known brand.The deal in several tech security products. But with this their cleanup you rest Cover artassured. The boost themselves with a 12 GB of free up, let your phone be 20% faster and 60% battery saver. Avast add a premium version which you can choose to stop Ads, get pro battery saving etc. But I will not go for that premium, unless a good reason. Because what they are offering some Apps are giving for free. But wait, we can’t just let them go in the garbage. The really do as they promise. Avast access your phone photos to delete duplicated ones. Fish out the Apps which are not in use but consuming a lot of your battery and Hibernate them. So in all, you will get a good deal for a Freemium instead of the so-called Premium.

  • CCleaner

The App cleans as it says. Do all in one button. From junk to safe browsing, Ccleaner has got it all covered. Get the most appropriate instrument or App to delete your unwanted Apps, obsolete and residual files, etc. It gives you the Cover artupper hand in checking your CPU and battery usage. You can monitor the statistics of your CPU usage and battery temperature to make sure you are on the right track. App Stats feature lets you quickly determine the overall impact of individual apps on your device to ascertain where and what to delete.

  • AVG AntiVirus

AVG is known for phone security but is gonna share its usefulness in boosting up your Android too. Despite the fact the AVG does 90% of security work, they offer you a free way to boost your android. They Extend battery life by turning Cover artoff battery-draining settings with Power Save, Kill tasks and processes that can slow down your phone, Clean unnecessary files and free up storage space, Check Wi-Fi download and upload speed. There always a joyful face when you get something for free. If you were only thinking about Security. Then its time you know you are having two in one App.

  • All-In-One Toolbox

An up and coming App which is serving its purpose. All-in-one Toolbox is working perfectly well in the system. I tried it for a month on my mums LG phone. It did really a good job. Below is a screenshot of what they claim they can do on your phone and truly the does that. Finding the better App to suit all your needs is a good reason. This will prevent youCover art from having numerous Apps which will in other way increase your battery consumption rate. What I have noticed also with these Boosters is that, although they have taken up little space. Several Add-ons and Ads are added required for installation that if you don’t take care they will also invite virus onto your phone.all-in one

These are some of the best reasons why I stick with CleanMaster.

It does a good job with minimal Ads. The up and coming Apps are much forecast in making money from their Apps rather than providing help. So you should watch out.

Netherless, if you found any good App that works well with your phone then you need to stick with it. And if you think the App is causing more harm than good, my advice is to change at once.


    1. If you don’t like Apps you can refresh your phone to speed up its performance. Just do a factory reset, it will work well too. Just like installed new windows on the computer to energize its performance.
    2. You can clear up the cache yourself too. Its easy task but some phones are a bit complex. So you can easily locate the area to delete the cache. Goto the settings, then storage, then cache date. Click on the cache data to let you locate where you can delete with just a click of a button. Wait for a few seconds. Then it should give you a fewer number in terms of the amount consumed and your Android phone should work better than at first.

Also, do change your battery for the better if it starts heating up unexpectedly.


Android Apps are very essential. Finding one is easy but the quality ones are not easy to come out. Unless you do a lot of try and error. That’s why we are here. All the best Apps that you might need to get the best out of your phone will be updated here always to save time and battery.

To finish, we found out that CleanMaster is really the master of all Android Boosters. Just check it out and if you’ve had bad experience lets know using the comment section below.



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