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10 Websites for Making Money online in 2019

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Hey, the internet is wild now and packed with so many ideas to make money online. But guess what not all of this stuff will be working in 2019. So here are 10 websites for making money online 2019 which I have compiled.

Some of the money making ideas, website, software are now outmoded but who cares. Yes, who cares. He/She owns the website and whatever seems fit for him/her is what is been sold on the online market.

But how do you do way these fake things and get a much purposeful website to bookmark for your next reading? This website is where you need to stick to.We will always update you with the best info to make you extra money online anytime.

I have compiled 10 best and working website that you are guaranteed of making money online in any part of the world. So far as you are having an internet connection and any gadget that can let you into it, then you are on the right path.10 websites to make money

Without much ado let’s move to the 10 websites my dear brothers and sisters will make you extra income or money online;

The 10 Websites

    • Teespring– Teespring is a website that will allow you to design a T-Shirt and sell. They have a marketplace and depending on your marketing strategy you could be earning $5- $8 per sale of your Tt-Shirt. So if you are having more people following your website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Hey, you can make a lot of money. People are making $1,325 per week doing this. I know one blogger and a friend Lisa Irby who is killing it when it comes to making money online with T-Shirt designing and Cups. So you will get an inbuilt software there to design your products for free like Photopia, Gimp, etc.
    • Upwork– If you are having special skills like website designing, Marketing, coding, etc in your field of study you can apply for work at Upwork and you could be hired for a specific work that requires you.
    • Fiverr– Get paid to do any Gig for $5.You can do this from any country only if you are having an internet connection. You can also charge a higher amount if you want or add other upgrade options to your Gig. People will contact you for the job you are offering.
    • Amazon AffiliateYeah you can become an affiliate to the no.1 e-commerce site in the world and make money online for it. Most of the commissions are small like $1 or $2 but when you promote great items like Amazon Prime, Computers, etc you could earn higher. You can also sell your items there to make amazon cookingmoney. Amazon is currently having an issue with some the countries when verifying their phone numbers which Ghana is also part of such countries. I personally enquired and they assured of getting the issue resolved but with no deadline. For now, such countries could use Skype numbers or another alternative to get verified to start using their service. You could make around or more than $5000.99 each month for this.
    • Zazzle  – Another site for making $500 a day online is Zazzle. It’s also a platform for designing t-shirts and stuff to sell. You can even other yourself any custom designed made by you and use it. You can make $7000 to $10,000 a month doing this depending on your marketing skills.
    • YouTube -Becoming a YouTube is easy as it seems but not at all. You can make huge money from YouTube when you put in more effort. Get yourself a better camera and Audio stuff for the better shooting of videos to get more subscribers and the money will follow. Am not saying getting the subscribers will certainly give you an equal amount of money but you have to covert this followers into active participants who will make a purchase of your products and services to enable you to get the cash. You can make not less $7,900 bi-weekly if you keep much attention to your videos uploading, sales techniques and other factors that influence sales when you become a YouTube partner.

    • Aliexpress -If you cheap things online then the best place to go for them is Aliexpress.But they also give you the opportunity to make money from their website. You can apply to be their Affiliate like Amazon and sell some of their merchandise. You need to signup a free account but you also have to get a website on your own to sell their affiliate products. If you are not having a website they give the avenue to share their products on social media like Facebook and others to make sales. This does not require you have your own website so it’s cool to do so. Product – Promotion Christmas Gift Romantic Design Symbols Antique Sapphire Princess Style Ring 925 Sterling Silver Free Shipping

  • Clickbank – Can not be left out if you have a website and wish to make money online in 2019. You will need to be in the countries which are accepted by Clickbank to use their services before you can start with them. Ghana and Nigeria are part so you need not worry if you find yourself in these countries. You can make not less than 70% in commission of the sales you do.
  • Kit – Another great website where you can sell products to make money online like Amazon.
  • Twitch -Gammers are you around? If you live to game then this just for you. Play your favorite game and get paid for that.


So, guys, these websites are not to be forgotten if you want to make money online in 2019.

Remember some of these websites can actually make you a billionaire. But it’s not just an overnight thing. You need to work your ass on them like doing your 5-8 jobs.

Even with that you do, how much more your own job. Get yourself busy by signing up for free on these websites and start making money online for real.

My No.1 Recommendation to Signup is YOUTUBE. It’s free and easy to start. Check out this software if you want to escape any difficulty with making money with Youtube. You will;


  • Make money from YouTube with no marketing, no filming and no website!
  • Choose from millions of done for you videos and make them yours.
  • Start making money, with no experience or any technical knowledge whatsoever, immediately!
  • Receive regular payments by check or wire transfer direct to your bank account.


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