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5 Things Needed To be an MTN Mobilemoney Agent in Ghana

mtn agent ghana

MTN mobilemoney agent is a very lucrative job. To be accepted or rejected will depends on a lot of factors. Some of the reason why you can get rejected are shared here. But before you get accepted there are some things you need.

What I am about to share are the requirements for every vendor if you are starting out in Ghana.

The money or commission you will get and everything good you know or have heared of will come chasing you afterwards.

Lets look at the 5 things that you need today to become an MTN mobile money agent.

  • Starting Capital of GHS 4000 – You might ask why I quoted a figure. Yes, it’s very necessary to start with such an amount. It will ease a load of leaving your area to go to banks and other places just for e-cash or Liquid (physical)cash.
  • MTN Mobilemoney SIM card – The sim card is a must for you to start. But I will plead that you don’t buy it but rather apply and get your own. Mobilemoney SIMs bought Leads to fraud and theft. When you buy you cannot change the ownership and you are always at risk. It takes only 23 working days to get a valid MTN mobile money sim card. Read on the things needed to get a sim here.
  • Business Area or Joint – The area is very essential when it comes to making more from your business. Remember that MTN pays the MObilemoney Agents on a commission basis, so the faster and plenty of customers you sell to determine your commission. Make it a point to be selective when choosing a site to set up your kiosk or office. I know a friend who makes GHs5000 to GHs 7000 a month from his single join.
Business Registration Certificate
  • Business Certificate- If you have not done a proper business before then get a certificate. So you need a business certificate to even let you apply for the MTN mobile Agent SIM card.Registering Business takes 2 weeks. I know a female friend who will give you a helping hand at the Registrar Generals Department(0545233491). Your type of certificate will be the Certificate of Registration. Do a scanned copy and use to apply for the sim card and also paste at your office. Some Districts and Municipals also require that you register with them for tax purposes. Therefore enquire to get those certificates as well to prevent any unforeseen problems.
  • Source of E-cash Sales Joint– MTN e-cash can be bought from a lot of Banks, Savings and Loans companies or Microfinance and other outlets. Make sure you are close to one. Fidelity Bank will pay you commission of the amount of e-cash purchased from their bank. You can get extra commission aside MTN’s so you can make them your sales join. Some also act on demand, that’s you can call them whenever you need and they will come for the money afterwards by themselves Pan-African Savings and Loans is one.

These are the 5 most essential things you need to become an MTN mobilemoney Agent. You will love doing this business and it works like magic. Some banks are even making more money from the business either than the Loans they book. I have 9 years working experience in the banking field so I know what am talking about.

Just start small and the end you will be making extra cash aside your salary. Share this post and lets make things better in Ghana.


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