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5 Ways to send money online to Ghana

Ghana is getting a lot of spotlights when it comes to online business. But which ways can you send money online to Ghana? There are a lot of bloggers, developer in Ghana. Since access to the internet is cheap in Ghana a lot of people are tapping into these resources to make money in Ghana.

If you are unable to receive money from people abroad all in the name of blacklist then you need to watch this space.

We have compiled other alternatives ways to send money online aside Banks and their Apps.

One good thing about these services we are going to share is their rate/charges and easy acceptance or registration.

This ways are legal and scam free. It’s fast and convenient for everyone abroad who want to send money home.

Without much a do lets get started…..

  • Skrill – This is one of the most common and loyal online payment systems. Their website is free from complications. With just an email address and confirmation, you can create your Skrill account. Although, you will have to provide some documents for verification that’s when you want to send a huge sum of money to Ghana. Skrill charges 1.45% when you want to send money home. If you are sending to a Mobilemoney wallet on the first time it’s free. Also, you can send the money straight to the receivers bank account too.
  • Payza – Another safest place to use as a medium to send money to Ghana. The website is not complicated or its very user -friendly. You can send the money to your bank account in Ghana. To send to Momo wallet you need to send to Skrill before you send from there to your Momo account. To send money to individuals, you will need their email address only.

Aside from being reliable, you can get their App on Play store and Apple store to download and use. It is supported in 190 countries with 25 currencies for now. You will have to use your visa card or Mastercard to on-load your wallet and then send.

  • Payooner
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Trusted by many. The Payoneer is an old online payment system. When people were unable to use these Banking systems they turned to this option since 2005. It has worked very excellently with fast delivery. Their system is not sophisticated but very user -friendly. With an email address, you can create an account and start sending money.

  • PerfectMoney – The perfect money system works like an exchange platform. They accept money as well as bitcoins. The platform is a bit complicated and therefore you need to pay much attention when you want to use it. It has a high -security network and for every minute left attended to when the site is open it will automatically close. Unless you input your password again to access the platform. You can withdraw money from Perfect money into your Bank account with easy. Also, you can transfer money from theirs to different online platforms around the globe that deals with receiving online money. This platform works in several countries including the UAE where most of these systems are banned by the government.
  • Paypal– Paypal does not work in Ghana on normal grounds but a lot of tweaks it can. We have shared such tweak here. But if you are outside Ghana and want to send money to your home country or Ghana you can use Paypal.

The thing is a lot of African countries are not part of this system because of the loose economy and sales which does not meet the Paypal criteria for selection of their markets. With Paypal, you can send money to someone’s account even if the country is not on their list.

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