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Amazing apps for Video Download

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The Apps for downloading video are many. I remember when I wanted to download a video from Amazon. It took me several hours to find the best App for just a download.

To download video using your Android phone is just by the help of an App. Unless forget about it. Although there are other web assisted sites that you can do with just a coping the link address but Apps are good.

Am going to share the best 5 Apps that you need it now. You need it because I used them for download and indeed they were exceptional.

Lets get started..

1.All Video Download 2018

Cover art
All Video Download

An amazing App to stand at the number one position. I was using this slow phone called ‘iTel’ and even at the slowest time, it works with this App. An I was like wow. It allows you to download videos and social media clips from social webs and popular video sites onto your device at lightning speed.

Also, All video Download is a free App to download on all android phones. With just a click on a button, you can use it.

The App support all video formats. Find the features below..


Browse videos with the built-in browser
Play videos offline with the built-in player, no internet buffering required 
Download HD videos with one click Large file download supported Download several files at the same time

Download videos over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks
Support downloading by video extension links 
Full-featured download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads Save downloaded files in a password-protected folder
Download videos in the background
SD card supported
All download formats supported, MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, DOC, XLS, PDF, TXT, etc.
Simple and elegant design by Google Play Best of 2017 winning team Resume failed downloads
Fast download speed
Check the progress in the download bar 

Download video, music and pictures
Add bookmarks for your favorite websites
Download all videos from websites online

Again, there is a user restriction for those 13 years below.


All Video Downloader review

As we can see it has over 180 thousand downloads with most people giving it 5 -star ratings.

How to Use this App

Browse social networking or video sites with the built-in browser
Click the play button of the video you want to download and watch offline
Click the download button to download the HD video
You are good to go.
You can also copy links of videos you like and paste them in the app to download them.


Cover art

I personally love this App for the fact that you can download Whatsapp Status Videos with it. But it got a lot of critics from their people or customers that it got plenty of Ads. The Ads will worry you until you just want to stop using or uninstall.

But look what we found. It does have plenty of Ads but you can use it as an editor and downloader at the same time. And mind you it comes for free, lol. So they got to pay their admins and staff. So don’t get pissed off. The App goes a long way to let you download a bunch of videos on their platform or external. The videos can be shared on social media like Facebook with just a click.

Also, its very fast to download. With the Editing aspect you can add a lot of features to your videos like snow, emotional etc.


Watch different kinds of trending and viral videos: funny videos, news videos, TV show simulated clips, movie simulated clips, dance and music videos. A personalized video feed specifically for you based on what you watch, like, and share. VMate will quickly adapt to your taste to offer the most relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turning videos that you’ll never want to stop watching.

Download videos over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks
Video Editing, Video Shooting, Upload and Download. Videomaker& video editor makes it easy for you to grab attention and gain more followers and likes on social media by editing your videos and clips into eye-catching videos

Editor tool, Add Effects, Filters and Beautify Free Music. VMate is the best tool for you to quick cute cut, merge, trim, split, reverse, duplicate, cute cut, rotate, convert, compress your clips, dub video and cut movie
Choose from a vast library of popular Bollywood hot star Songs, English Chartbusters, Famous dialogues and more

Use the music editor to start and stop songs where you want
Download all videos, it is a powerful video downloader for social media allows you to download all videos from the internet onto your devices. Download all the videos you like and watch offline.  

Also, for my dear Indians you can have its language settings change to suite your preferred Indian Language.

How To Use The VMate App

For Socializing
– Download videos to share through WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status, Facebook, Xender, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok
– Send private messages to friends
– Follow and interact with other video makers

In the community! 
– Find interesting and funny videos from people around you
– Follow creators you like and their stories
– Comment, Like and Share videos that other people edited or you love.
– Get featured as top-ranking stars.

Download Video of the best Short Video that is world trending online, and easily share on social media.


A total review of 4.3 with most accusation coming in as a result of too many ads. Notwithstanding, it has over 300 thousand plus downloads.

3. Video Downloader (by Inshort Inc.)

Cover art
Video Downloader

A Video downloader which does work easily and efficiently. Auto-detect videos anywhere everywhere when surfing. If you want to pause the video or resume it you can too.

I personally love this App but I thought it stole the features of All Video downloader. But still it works fine. You can search for where you want to keep you videos too. For example if you want to use your SD card to eceieve the download or video you can slect that option. Also if you want to store on your phone storage it will get it done for you. All this interesting features comes without a charge.

The App Video Downloader is a fast downloader for videos but still support several formats.


Browse videos with the built-in browser

Play videos offline with the built-in player
All download formats supported, mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, doc, xls, pdf, txt, etc.
Auto detect videos and easily download
Full-featured download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads
Download several files at the same time
Save downloaded files in a password-protected folder
Download videos in the background

SD card supported
Resume failed downloads
Fast download speed
Check the progress in the download bar 
HD video download supported
Large file download supported
Download video, music and pictures
Add bookmarks for your favorite websites

How it works

  1. Browse website with the built-in browser
  2. Auto-detect videos, and tap the download button
  3. Choose which video you want to download
  4. Walaaa!


It making the no.3 on our chart for imitating our no. 1. but still adding good quality. It does have similar features like the All Video Downloader but with Video Download, you can have auto-detect for videos as well.

With a 4.3 star rating on Google play. It deems fit for our selection. Also, you will get a lot of people hailing this App as well.

Lastly, it has over 180 thousand downloads.

4. FVD – Free Video Downloader

Cover art

The App is great and works fine. It has a faster download pace. The issue I have with this App is that you cannot use it to download Youtube videos.

They have also stated that on their App store front.

I don’t know why they should just exclude that. So its making the 4th App on my list. But still for speed you just need them.


Free to use.

Simple and immediate for all downloads
Integrated web browser for a faster usage (Beta)
Possibility to download more files at the same time, exceptional.
Translated in 14 languages for those
Facebook integration

How to Use FVD

Insert the video link into the App browser or browse to which web you want to download a video from.

It will detect and give you the go ahead to download with its Sign attaching to the video.

Select the Area to store the Video if not the default.

and Done.


It has interesting reviews and comments.

Most people find Ads on the App intruding and disturbing.

It has 4.0 Star overal rating on google play store.

You won’t believe it but it’s true. Upon the problems people are associating with this App it still has over 329 thousand downloads.

I have seen that it works best on Facebook videos and its faster when downloading, therefor leading to this huge stats.

The Facebook thing comes into play because the App has integrated Facebook. Therefore it speeds ups when downloading videos from there.

5. Video Downloader for Facebook

Cover art
facebook video downloader

I will personally suggest to anyone who want to download video from Facebook. This Video downloader offers sharp services to those seeking to donload videos from Facebook.

As the name implies, it offers such services for free with swiftness.

Wow. Guys keep it App.

My only pro is the fact that it works maily for Facebook despite its speed.

Note. You will have to use the App to browse through your wall to be able to access the free download.


1 Easy to use.
2 Safe & light weight.
3 Allows you to save videos to watch them later.

How to use

1 . Click on Browse Facebook.

2. Login and browse your wall.

3. Play the video you want to download.

4. Click yes to download video.


So far as it has positive side, the negative will not be neglected. The App recently has issues when downloading videos. You might think its downloading for the first time when clicked but it wouldn’t. When you check the progress then it stops at all.

You can see from the pic above that 285 people are facing this issue. But hey, that it out of 1 million people who has downloaded this App.

But yet still the guys there should work on it.


Alright, guys, this is the end of the list. I personally recommend the No.1. for you. It saves time and phone space as well.

Also if you use any Download App that works best on video downloads, kindly share using the comment section below.


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