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Don’t Lock Your Phone, Use any of these 5 Apps when You Have Kids

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We are in the computer world now. If you agree then why do you have to lock your phone before you give to your kid? You are not doing any good to the child. Some Apps will help your kids in their everyday life.

There are Apps that can let them be as sharp as me. lol. Yes so don’t be locking your phones.

Am going to share with you Apps that improve the child’s basic skills and you will love it.

Lets go…

  • ABC Kids
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– A colorful early education app that helps children learn the English alphabet.
– Includes ABC tracing games, phonics pairing, letter matching, and more.
– Uppercase and lowercase letters to trace, listen to, and match.
– Smart interface helps kids focus on phonics and letters without accidentally exiting the game.
– No third party ads, no in-app purchases, no tricks. Just pure educational fun!

  • Kindergarten Kids Learning
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Attractive and colourful designs and pictures for young kids.
Learn alphabet letters with charts and interactive fun quizzes.
Learn to count and math for preschoolers 

Learn about rhymes and poems.

Learn to write and trace ABC and numbers with our alphabet tracing for English, 
Spanish, Hindi and numbers. 
Color books with many colouring pages and pictures, and stickers.
Printable coloring pages for kids covering Geometric shapes, Greeting cards, English Alphabet Letters etc.
So many attractive and interactive charts for learning Vegetables, Fruits, Sports, Professions, Animals, Numbers, Solar System, Planet and stars.
Sing and dance with your preschoolers.
Introduce and reinforce the concepts of Shapes and Colors to the kids 
Phonics for English Alphabets and activities to teach and reinforce each Letter like Archery for Kids, Car building games, Basketball games for Kids etc. 
• And many other Free kindergarten games and learning activities

  • YouTube Kids
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YouTube kid app

YouTube Kids App is to make it safer and simpler for kids to explore the world through online video – from their favorite shows and music to learning how to build. There’s also a whole suite of parental controls, so you can tailor the experience to your family’s needs.


Kids profile, Parents approved content, old and young experience etc

  • Kids Place – Parental Control
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Kids Place is an app created for parents who want to control their children’s activity and Screen Time on phones and tablets. Kids Mode parental control features give parents a lot of flexibility on how to configure their phone and tablets to limit screen time; block ads and inappropriate content. 


Restrict Apps with inappropriate content.

You can launch the app on your device when you hand it over to them or it can be installed directly on theirs phone.

Activate blocking options for purchases from Google Play and don’t allow new apps download.

Children cannot bypass parental control settings nor delete the app. Upon first launch, you are required to set a PIN: without that it will be impossible to exit or delete the app

  • iWawa
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Provide a safe environment for kids
Prevent kids from accidentally erasing the files
Block unsuitable websites for kids

Customize learning and break time for kids
Kids can set the theme which they like
Kids learn knowledge through playing
All children can have their own space
Various interesting and educational kids apps in the Kids Store

I hope we will give the young ones the chance too starting from today. But you should always check on them to prevent any unforeseen circumstances.


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