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Best 102+ free movie download websites

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As the movie industry grows we the audience want new releases. We want movies not only to watch but to download as well. There are plenty of movies to get into your download links. But where exactly can we download movies either than going to just YouTube to watch videos?

It will be quite unprofessional if I don’t share the websites which you can download movies from. This are free to do so without copyright issues. This compiled 100+ websites are indeed genuine. I have provided the website links for easy access. Feel free to download and movie. Be it Hollywood movie(Abroad), Bollywood (India), Nollywood (Nigeria), Gallywood (Ghana), Kumawood(Ghana). You can do so by visiting the movie download websites listed below.

Also, I have added a review to each of the sites to give you a gist about them. There are also video downloaders which you can use. But these websites have inbuilt download links that you can use there.

1. MyDownloadTube

The website is one of the most visited with a daily unique visit of 23,791.
(Sign-up required)

Mydownloadtube gives you access to either watch the movie online or download. If you don’t have an account you need to sign up first. After creating one several download links will be avail for you.

For the first time, it took me a while before I was able to figure out where to click and download because of the pop-up ads. But here is the key, ignore those ads or use ad-blocker. Secondly, the download link appears only when the video starts to play. It has a 3-dots located at the right-side corner of the movie played. Click on it and it will give you a proper accessible download section or tab to start your download for free.

2. 300MBMovies4u

A daily unique visitors of 20,453. You can not be left out.
(No sign-up required)

300mbmovies4u does not require you to sign up before download. Go straight to the Video Name or title. Click on the more to give you the download links. To be able to get a final download, a new page will be given when you click on the download links.

There are no limitations but when you have an ad-block activated you have to pause on the final page. The ads that pop up are not as disruptive as compared to other sites. Then a clickable free download link will be given to you.


One of the most visited sites in the world.Has a unique daily visits of 894,321,398.
(No sign-up required)

Yeah, it could be master of them all. But not all movies are shown on YouTube. Some are also out of date whiles other are trailers. Of course, it needs to be mentioned because there is also a good side. YouTube also have Movies which are new and free to download. You can check out this post on how to download videos from YouTube for free.

Get an internet, connect to your browser and chill with a free download on YouTube.

4. 700mbdownload 

This site is a new one. But it has lot of movies and especially, Bollywood movies.It has a daily unique visitors of 5,920.
(No sign-up required)

700mbdownload does not require a sign before download. Just go straight to their website and click on download. A different page will open but that is not where you will use. Just stay on the same page on their website. This page came because they use pop-ads. So whiles you stay on the website page you found your movie title, drop-down download links will be given. Click on any of them you prefer to get your movie downloaded on to your device for free.


Most widely used in Africa (Ghana).Has a daily unique visitors of 463,649.(No sign-up required)

There is no reason not to check them out. The offer wide range of Movies.From A-Z in all areas of headings. You only have to search for your series alphabetically and you are done. The site will provide you with all the released Movies on their website. They have more than 1 billion movies which i think yours will be part.

I remember the first time I visited the site. I had too many options to choose from so I could not bear and off my data. What a site. In order to download from this site, log in to the 02tvseries website. and with just a click on a button, you will be served will plenty options of download links. You don’t need to sing up before you can download from the site.

Don’t get disrupted by the pop-under ads the site has. They are what they depend on to keep the site running. Better still, you are only there for downloads so just be forcast.

With just a click on the link, you will have your movies downloaded on your device.

6. 1337x

Another outstanding website.363,545 daily unique visitors is marvelous.
(No sign-up required)

The 1337X website offers varieties of movies, Apps, Games, Anime etc. You have to choose from these options based on your search. Our focus now is movies. SO click on movies tab and get served. The movies are updated constantly. The last time I visited it had most recently movies uploaded than most of the popular sites for downloading movies online.

Put in a search for the title of the movie if you do not see on their latest post section. What the website does is that it gives individuals the opportunity to upload movies there. So you will find fresh movies more or less every minute.

To download from the site, visit the download links located beside the movie titles and do your thing. You can also stream without downloading too.

7.divx crawler

A new website.
(No sign-up required) .But to access more videos or movies you have to pay.

For the free access, you can download movies instantly as soon as to get to the site. The website offers a straight download link button located beside each video. This gives everyone access even if you are a dummy.


A website that has 3,301 daily unique visitors.Also worth $19,980.
(No sign-up required)

Gingle serve as a third party website for numerous sites. It shows ads from across the internet where they show Movies. You can also get Apps that shows movies link there. When you click on the available link based on the tab you select. It will then redirects you to a different website for you to do the search and downloads. You don’t have to signup before you get your movies.


Has a daily unique visitors of 54,752.
(No sign-up required)

Wow, these guys mean business.TVBox has no requirement for you to be able to download movies from their site. The site offers series as well. There are several options to choose from in terms of the links to download. But some will have little or one link to choose too. You can get the movie straight on to your PC, Laptop or phone.

The issue with TVBox is that you will be provided with a link. But the link is not a straight forward download link. The links are the types you can send to video downloaders to do the download. But you can stream straight a head.


Daily unque visitors of 7,076.
(No sign-up required)

One of the finest for Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies are movies from India. But also Moviespu has Hollywood styled movies too. Do not be disturbed with their numerous ads.

You just have to stay forecast. The page you are searching is where you need to stay. When you want to download. Click on the movie title. Then you will be taken to a page where you can click on the download link. The link pages ads several ads so don’t get disrupted.


Daily unique visitors of 14,541.
(Sign-up required)

Also a great site with pics. MovieNoLimit features movies which are yet to come. They will alert you on movies which are yet to be released on their site. You can choose from popular movies around the web.

To download, you have to sing up first.Then you can even watch in HD.










21.DJ year






27.The Internet Archive

28.Free Classic Movies






































68.Classic Cinema Online











82.123 movieshub




86.YIFY Movies






93.SSR movies








Daily unique visitors of 3,539.
(No sign-up required)

There is no reason not to check Cosmotube out. It has varieties of movies based on popular, ratings, year, and genre. You will not have to provide and details before you download. The downloads are also faster compared with others. They have a download link(Single) attached to all movies shared there. o you just have to choose the type of movie or movie title and off you go.

All the movies featured there are current ones staring from 2011 to 2018.


Daily unique visitors of 75,130 and
(No sign-up required)

From romance to kick-boxing. That is something Vidics stand for(Literally). If you have been searching for a particular movie and cannot find it, then check Vidics out. Please the site is not owned by Vidic the Man-U player,lol. But its a video movie site. The movies are there but if you also like news from the movie world Vidics will do that for you.

If you are a fun of series or season movies then you are in the right place. To download, click on the season title and links that you can download will open in a separate page for you. You can download for different languages and other options. No sign-up is required as well. Downloads are also faster.

102. edownloadmovies

Daily unique visitors= 406

Sign-up requires=No

Select movies from different types of categories. Choose from different genres and many more. The website is a new one. Therefore it encompasses new movie release with fewer oldies.


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