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Clixsense- Read this before signing up.

On February 2007, the worlds win No-1 PTC website called ClixSense was born. If you are wondering what PTC means then it is..Paid To Click.

When we say paid to click in online business, it is when someone clicks on an Ad he/she get paid.

Sign Up Here,

Clixsense is the best PTC website to earn good money online without any prior or little investment.”

Why I signed Up with ClixSense, and why you should too.

  1. No/Litlle Investment, Free to Everyone.
  2. Best PTC website that Pays.
  3. Ideal for people in Ghana and Everywhere.
  4. No Scam. Absolutely scam free most trusted Online Jobs.
  5. Ontime Payout
  6. You can withdraw into your mobile money wallet.

How Much Money one can Make

You will earn money from clixsense on if you answer survey, do cash offers, accomplish task given, play games and Lastly do referrals.

But most of us tend to do the easiest one which is by filling surveys. The highest amount you can earn per survey $3 and the lowest can be $0.1 cents. if you are a Ghanaian and you do 10 surveys a day you will be making $30 per day which is GHS160.

You can do your maths on a monthly basis. And the funny thing is this is also free to join. Those of us who live abroad will have an advantage over those in Ghana. The site works or submits survey based on your geographical area. But hey, even with that you can still earn like $300 a


Yes, Clixsense is absolutely free to everyone. I recommend joining Make Money Taking Surveys, Earn Free Cash Online, Paid Per Click Advertising. Clixsense is restricted to some countries like Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Niger, and Vietnam.

At first, if you add a referral from China you were not going to get paid for bringing them onboard. But now you can and per every referral, you will earn $0.3. So here you can do the maths again.

Signup Commissions

1) For each referral that becomes active, you will earn a signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30 from select countries.

2) Once your referrals earn their first $5.00 (excluding commissions and bonuses) you will also earn an extra $2.00 bonus!


First Click here for a free ClixSense Sign up.

Clixsense will send you a verification code into your email address. Verify your account and update your preferences like Address, Contact details, Security Question.

Skrill or Payoneer is the best to withdraw money from your account.

No Paypal…So Hurray my fellow non-Paypal countries. But you can get the money straight into your Mobilemoney wallet if you are in Africa. And for those in Europe or other continents. Payoneer is the best.


ClixSense has 6 multiple ways to earn money. I have all explanation with a full guide on how smartly you can earn more money by saving your time.


You can earn $0.001 to $0.02 on every ad, its take less than a 5 sec (average) to complete viewing one ad. Regularly ClixSense updates new ads into your dashboard. Hence its take 5-10 minutes of your daily time to completely view all of the ads available into your ClixSense account.

Viewing ads on ClixSense is the best and easy way to earn maximum money. So I recommend you to sign in your account regularly and completely view all of your ads. In the beginning, you may be disappointed by seeing the payment is only $0.001 on per ad view. But don’t give up as time pass and ClixSense detects your activity and effort you will start receiving $0.2 on per ads view, maybe its take up to 30 seconds to view those ads.

*Most African countries are the ones given this method*



This is for those in Europe or the West. You can use the Clixsense toolbar and earn money whiles surfing the internet.

Another easy and free way to get dollars into your account.


You can earn $0.1 to $3 on per survey. Each survey can take 9 minutes to 25 minutes depending on survey volume. But don’t be afraid by thinking about time, if any survey takes a long time then ClixSense will pay you more for that.

The Surveys are very simple and will ask you simple questions like your date of birth , age , education etc. hence I recommend you to visit your ClixSense account regularly and complete all available ads to get more survey from deferent company. Survey on ClixSense is for collecting genuine data for business increment and future planning, I recommend you to always provide proper data so that the offering company also gain some good business opportunity, after all, ClixSense makes our payment as the survey company gain some business opportunity from your opinion. So be good to every survey.


ClixSense offer to earn money by grabbing different like free apps download, Making payment on exciting offer or other subscriptions. It’s May cause you of getting too many promotional offers email but you can see $0.001 to $0.02 on per offers. Hence if you not like to see a lot of promotional offer’s email or unwanted newsletter into your email I recommend you to use any other third party email address or simple avoid this earning part of ClixSense. All up to you!


You can earn unlimited money from ClixSense tasks feature. Its power by CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing service that enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash. On top of the right, you can see a task option. Just click on it and complete the task one by one.


Are you a game lover? , Now you can get paid up to $10 by playing a game on ClixSense. From your account dashboard click on clixgrid and select play the game. You can see a Big Image in grid view, there will be 30X20=600 block to select, just click on any of a block to start playing your game. You will be redirected to a new 10 sec. long ads and when you complete the ads view ClixSense show you the result. If you win you will be owned with $10. Here I want to make one thing clear that when you click on clixgrid play a game now you can see there will be 600 grids, only a luck grid can let you win $10 that means you may have click entire 600 grids to find out the lucky grid. So before play clixgrid game set your mind to view 600 ads. I have tried 100 grids and later I quit this game.

ClixSenseSearch : is owned by ClixSense. Whenever you sing up on ClixSense you will be able to log in on by entering the same password. After login on, you have to update your account information. There will be some mind-blowing online survey as same as ClixSense. You can process them and earn more money.

Can I take ClixSense as a full-time income opportunity?

Yes, if you are in other countries in Africa aside Ghana. Then I dont know the condition but if you are in Ghana its a big time business.

Especially, looking at the current fluctuation of the Economy and Cedi. You can make a full- time income from this. But do not leave your job to do this. You should add it to your current one.


Make use of social media and stop wasting your precious time. As the saying goes… time and tide wait for no man… so what are you doing. All the 2K guys as facebook friends, Insta., WhatsApp, etc



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