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Earn Money Online Free Now

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Another great way to earn money online now for free is by using your smartphone. To earn money online now for free is not only by getting a laptop or Microphone for videos but more importantly the use of all gadgets when the need arises.

Yes, a smartphone is a must if you want to make passive income working online or offline. There are so many ways that your smartphone will either double up your earnings or let you get your first dollar. There are Apps that will pay you to let you use, test, or sell your products to earn money. Below are some of these Apps;

  1. Lucky Money
  2. Fido money(Ghana)
  3. Free Bitcoin
  4. Make money
  5. Paid surveys
  6. MoneyApp
  7. Banners App
  8. MCmoney
  9. Do survey 4 cash
  10. GeoPoll
  11. Slidepay
  12. Earn money in 2 hrs.
  13. AppNana

  14. Money Machine
  15. Smartspotter
  16. Snapwire
  17. Loot
  18. Ebates
  19. The pane station
  20. Gifill
  21. Snaptown
  22. Cashnow
  23. Bookscouter(The best)
  24. Featurepoint
  25. Stepbet
  26. Fiverr
  27. Upwork
  28. Freelancer
  29. Rewardable
  30. Cashout
  31. Clashot
  32. Cashcrate
  33. Tap Cash Rewards
  34. Earn Reward free cash
  35. Spin to win money
  36. appKarma
  37. Cash for Apps

All the above Apps are the ones which have been tried and tested and it does pay. You will not become a millionaire when you do such jobs but a least you will earn $5-$150 per week which can be used for bills and other petty things your salary could not reach. Most of these Apps are free to join or signup and will not require your credit card or any form of payments before you join. So why waste time playing games which only ruin your battery? hahahahaha.

Aside this money making Apps there are others which also help people like us who are bloggers or website developers.

Some of these App

  1. Logo Maker freelogo maker _Places like upwork, Fiverr etc people such every now and then for ones who can create a custom logo for them and if you are accepted you are paid. This App will help you create a logo with your smartphone and you are good to go.
  2. WordPresswordpress logo_Wordpress is the hub for all website creation and stuff. Why not install their App and do your Draft or better answer questions on your website straight from your smartphones.
  3. Shopifyshopify logo_Another best App for setting up an e-commerce shop.
  4. Background Eraserbackground remover_Have you found a vibrant photo on the internet and want to use on your website but the background is disturbing? Then this App will erase the Background with no charge and you are through.
  5. Aliexpressaliexpres logo_This App has helped me a lot. I was talking about Mimi-importation here and this is where I got App my items bought at a very very low price and sell in Ghana for a higher price to earn money at my workplace. From Taddy bear to Heavy equipment are all found on Aliexpress and their App will even give you a discount on your purchase. You can track your items too. I love it.
  6. Canvacanva logo_This tool has helped me from day one on my online business quest. I stumbled upon on my friend Lisa Irby(Also a Blogger) website and it has been great to me in creating all kinds of Posters, banners, editing images etc. You can check it out.
  7. Animated TextAnimated Text – Text Animation Maker-All type of animation can be done with this. Do you want to set a logo or custom name or anything with your company name? Then its good to download this App.
  8. WhatsAppwhatsapp logo_Yeah, it’s best to share your post to get more views and visitors.
  9. Facebookfacebook logo_Same for sharing.
  10. TwitterTwitter logo_Sharing purposes.
  11. Instagraminstagram logo_Sharing is carrying. See these social media, don’t take it for granted because you can really make more money online for free than to just look and laugh.facebook marketing is one of the best when it comes to money making online. So there is a need for you as a blogger to download them and whiles your friends and sharing funny things to just talk about, you are sharing to make money as simple as ABCD!
  12. Pinterestpinterest logo_Most people don’t see Pinterest as an avenue for bloggers to make money but let me tell you the most stumbled upon and unique visitors are those from social media. Consistency is the key.No matter how bad you feel in a day, just take a few minutes of your time to share your article or post on social media and you will never regret doing so.
  13. Forex Tradingforex signals-Those into forex trading, this will help you to maximize your profit but for these am yet to indulge into. Because it warns!hahahahaha. Forex trading Ebook 2018 is completely FREE for all android users. Forex Trading Beginner’s Guide features:-
    1. Introduction to Forex Trading
    2. How is Forex traded and what is the basic terminology used?
    3. Forex Trading Session
    4. How to Choose a Broker
    5. Types of Forex Analysis and Trading’
    6. Understanding Forex price action
    7. Trading platform and charting
    8. How to trade Forex successfully
    9. Having a successfully trading psychology
    10. Building a Trading Plan
    11. Professional Price Action Trading Strategies
  14. Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense logo-My favourite. You can check your earnings and stats here when you set up your website.

There are so many of it. You can do a search on them if you need any tool. Just go to Google Play Store to search for these Apps and you will marvel.

How To Make The Money With Them

One would ask, How do this Tools help me make money? Those 37 Apps will pay you to do a simple task like filling surveys which will take not more than 3 minutes and reward you, other tasks include viewing of Ads, downloading Apps and Testing them, etc. These are micro jobs which require more hands on deck and big companies do not have time to do. Therefore they share with the public so that its done with rewards given at the end of it. Most of these rewards can be redeemed on Amazon or you can get its cash equivalent which will be sent straight to your PayPal account.

Fido which is in Ghana was added but it does not let you do any kind of job. It’s more or less a lending App which is working now in Ghana. All you need to do is download the App, fill in all the necessary requirement which is easy to come by and then submit.

If you are lucky, you will be granted a loan from GHs1 to GHs200 and you can pay within a month with interest. I tried but I was rescheduled another month to try again but a friend has confirmed he got his and has been where he borrow small loans aside MTN mobile money Loan(Sponsored by AFB).

See this is not a way which is guaranteed that you are going to become a millionaire with your smartphone but this will not let you be an idle man too. You have a mouth to feed, if not today still tomorrow you would. So in a way you can download say BannersApp which will pay you just to have it installed and they show Ads on your Smartphone when it is locked.Simple.This is the easiest and ridicules ways to earn money.


But if you are looking to the best ways to make money online now for free then the ones here are the ratbest options for you to make a passive income. With that, you can even quit your rat race job because even if you becomes the first to win this race you’re still a rat.hahahaha.Yeah.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and if you have any experience am looking forward to reading at the comment section below.



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