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FOAP APP-How to make money from it (Full Review)

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Having a place to sell your digital items can sometimes be deadlocking. I was once into this digital item selling for my friend who lives in Ghana. We use Apps and consultation to boost our sales but the best app that we were using was Foap.

Foap App is one of the recognized App used to sell pictures, images, animations, Videos etc online. Foap App will make you earn a lot because they do not limit you as to who or where to get noticed of your creativity. The Foap App is both on iOS and Android.


Create your account with Foap with just your email address to and without it being activated in your email you could start uploading your videos, Images and others to sell to people.

After creating the account you will have to submit your brand brief to enable the prepare a crowdsource on brand visual content ideas for you.

In submitting the forms the email section only allows company emails and not Gmail or Yahoo type so you have to take note.


Foap App will let you share some photos or videos on their website after you signup with them. You will have to find a brand which suits your video or photo design. Then you submit your photos to them.

* Sell your photos through Foap Market at

* Sell photos through Foap Missions to top brands

* Foap also distributes your content through partners, such as Getty Images, to help you sell even more of your photos!

* Create your own web portfolio for buyers to see your photos

* Explore beautiful photos from all around the world

* Get feedback on your photos from other Foamers

* Be part of an amazing and growing international community of photographers

* Upload photos straight from your phone

* Enjoy unlimited uploads

* Easy cashouts thanks to PayPal integration

* The best way to make money from what you love doing

Foap is free! What’s more, every time you sell a photo you get 50% of the commission. Every mission is rewarded with a prize starting with $50.



Major brands like Facebook, Bank of America, Nivea etc all use their photos and videos so if you need a credible online market for your photos you need to go nowhere.


Foap works everywhere but you will need a PayPal account to be able to receive your 50% commission. Yes, only 50% because of its  50/50 trade, that’s with Foap but free to sign-on.





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