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Google opens AI lab in Ghana

Google the mother of internet has overwhelmed Africans and more precisely, Ghanaians. The company has opened a lab for AI which could solve most problems.

The lab is situated in Accra- Ghana but will care for everyone who lives in Ghana.

With a 9 members to start, the office will provide solutions such as diagnosing of plants and how it can be managed, education and health assistance to people.


The center will also focus on enhancing Google Translate’s ability to capture African languages more precisely, with Cisse saying a continent with more than 2000 dialects deserves to be better served.

Google joins Facebook and other tech companies, in launching projects in Africa.

There was a time when the exchange rate between the Ghanaian Cedis and dollar inflated. So no wonder if Google has open such an office in Accra-Ghana. This will help them get precise info in Africa for better service.

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