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How much is an iPhone 7

The market is no more tense after the Christmas.iPhone 7 could be one of the phones to use in 2019. There are a lot of features which makes an iPhone 7 my favorite. Although there are other better ones ahead of it. Like the iPhone X, XR and even XMax which you cannot resist their exceptional features now that the price is down.

iPhone 7 has 4.7-inch Retina HD LED-backlit widescreen for a good screen. This type of screen is good for your eyesight.

iphone 7 screen

Thinking of the bills that come with it? No. You have to move from that iPhone 6 to a better one. At least, you moved from 2018 to 2019.The Camera quality is up to a 12MP rear with OIS, 7MP front.

iphone 7 camera resolution

For pricing, it can differ base on your market. Also, it can be base on your type of iPhone you wish to handle. So if you are to buy from an online market like Ebay, Amazon, BestBuy, Aliexpress, Tonaton, OLX, and Jumia. Then you need to check out the price range here. We have sorted it out from the lowest to the Highest price.

Our Findings

Ali-express price is depending on the shop you buy from. The Individual shop has different price been set for the iPhone 7. Bestbuy price is dependant on either you want a pre-owned or completely in a box. Ebay has both used and new iPhones.You can choose to buy it outright or you can bid to buy. Tonaton is a Ghana-based online market.

Mostly, the items sold there are used ones. But you can find New ones as well. Jumia is another e-commerce site in Ghana. All products are from the store. So you can buy and get your item shipped to you at your doorstep. The iPhone prices differ based on the RAM and the store.OLX is for most African Countries. They offer New and Used products. If you want to swap your item with a different gadget too you can do that OLX.iPhone 7 cost at OLX is based on whether its New, Used or to be Swapped for another item. The price quoted below is not for swapping purpose.

Amazon iPhone prices is based on the color of the phone.Based of our findings but with small difference in price.

(iPhone 7 with
32GB / 128GB / 256GB







HIGHEST PRICE$500.00$650.57$899.99US $859.00

GHS 3,200($655)

GHS 3,700 ($757)

LOWERST PRICE$225.00$378.94$169.99
US $479.99/ piece
GHS 1,100($225)GHS 1240 ($253)GHS580($118.73)


You need to check the prices again on the market.The online market price flactuate a lot.So that you can find the current price of iPhone 7 you wish to buy.


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