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How to download videos from YouTube: Without Apps

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Here are legit ways to download videos from youtube without getting any App on Playstore. Play store although offers the best Apps to download videos from Youtube. But today my concern is really with how you can download videos from youtube without Apps.

All geeks have shared their ideas. All are saying with Apps. Not really what you are looking for right? Because you will have to either use half of your data to download the App before moving to the issue at hand. By not using Apps too am not asking you to get a Youtube Premium.No.But a real free way to download in all the types of definitions you like.


Option One

Yes without and App but with a browser, move straight to the search button;

  • Goto the Youtube videos using the browser search(It could be Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc)
  • Now you have Youtube website displayed, Click or search for the video you want.
  • When the video pops up, Go to the Address of the Video.
  • Add “ss’ to the address starting after the www(dot .) so it will be something like (

youtube download

  • Hit the Enter key on your phone or keyboard.
  • The page will redirect you to a different screen or portable to download for free.see the image below.

new page

  • Click on the format you want to download and it will successfully be downloaded on your phone, laptop or PC.


Also, there are other ways to do download videos on Youtube aside the one shared. There are these websites that allow you to make free downloads.

Learn More : You need to excisise caution wheneve you are taking any action on Youtube  or downloading from them.Becuase you might be infringing on some of their ‘copyrighting terms’

Dont fall victim!!

See an example of such disclaimers below.



So what we are also sharing is for personal usage and storage. kindly don’t use it for any abnormal ways which you will fall victim to any lawsuits. We are not liable for any copyright infringement you will cause if you are found guilty. Thanks.



Now let’s look at such websites. There are plenty of them. Some will require that you copy the link or address of the video. Others too will let you do a straight search on their site.

So Number…

  1. YouTubNow -One of the best ways to download video from youtube with minimal or no cost is by using youtube nowYoutubeNow.You can have their downloader installed on your desktop for free. All that you need to do is click on the click on the download on a desktop application. It is located on the right-hand corner of the website. To download too. You will need to copy the link from Youtube. Insert it into where they have provided for link insertion. Click on the search button and select the format you want.
  2.– Another great website to download Youtube videos. The website does not require you to copy the link. You have to search for the media on their site. That is, the video you saw on youtube. Then you click on tubidy interfacedownload. It will redirect you to a place where you can choose the format and type of download you wish. You can download the MP3 versions of the video too. Also, there are a lot or all the videos on Youtube found on their site. For that reason, it makes it much easier to get any of your required or expected videos.
  3. QDownloader  – The third on the list is Qdownloader which I will say do all.Even if you want to convert from Video to Audio the site does that. You will need the links of the videos too. But it supports several platforms or website videos. Aside from Youtube, you Qdownload imagecan add the links from Facebook, Instagram, etc to download for free.QDownloader has stated on their website that if you think there is a copyright infringement you should contact them to prevent access to your proper. Detailed information on how to go by reporting too is stated. So you rest assured of your safe download.
  4. Keepvid  -Also a great place to download from Youtube and other video sources. They allow Playlist download which is exceptional. But recently they disable that function. Because some people use it to download more than 5000 tracks at a go. lol. So until further notice that function is disabled. But for single music or video.You can copy the link and past into their serach bar to download. Keepvid allows Video and Audio download on their site. From their site…keepvid downloader

    KeepVid.Works Website Featues

    1. Keepvid: Download YouTube videos HD resolution
    2. Keepvid Mp3: easy Convert Youtube (only) to MP3
    3. Unlimited free HQ conversions and fast downloads
    4. No additional software required to start downloading
    5. Compatible with Android, Iphone, any mobile device
  5.  SaveTheVideo    – Our last website to download Youtube Videos for free is SaveTheVideo. They provide a wide range of options to ease your downloads. You can download the playlist, merge single list, Convert, cut, Trim and Crop your videos all in the same place. For the Youtube download side, you will have to get the link and past on savethevideothe site to download.
    So in case you want to add up your videos to make a collection. Use SaveTheVideo which more than a software to do this stuff for free.merge videos

With above 5 websites, you can download videos from youtube on any android device or on your laptop for free. There are also Apps you can use to download but it might take up space on your phone. Some will even slow your device performance. Others will attract virus to harm your phone. So why not use online services. You might want to check out some Apps that make money too. There are always different ways to go around situations.

Hey, if you found this article useful kindly share. You can also use the comment section to share your experience with the websites too.



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