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If You See These 7 Signs On Memory Card Don’t Buy. It’s Fake

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Many people have been agonizing after buying a Phone memory card in Ghana. Some complaints of Fake memory cards have been rampant starting early 2000s whiles others are totally reaped off.

As for us, we want to help solve this case by giving you all you need to know when buying a Memory Card for ease.

Memory Card

Here are our tips to see if you are buying a quality Memory Card for your phone.

  • Know Where To Buy Your Items- This is very crucial since if you by mistake bump into any unforeseen you can simply rash for your hard-earned money.
  • Check The Writtings On The SD Card- The fake Memory cards do have faint or little misspellings. Some also have bad edges as compared to their original ones.
  • Branding- Some brands do not produce Memory cards although they may have produce Phones. Big brands like Huawei doesn’t.
  • Color- Samsung Memory Cards has white edges but fake ones portray black.
  • Model Code- Check the ending of products model code to know where they are originated especially when it comes to Memory Cards. CA/AM means Canada and America respectively but when you see CN it means China.
  • Where The Memory Card was Made- Samsung items or Memory Cards are made in the Philippines but most of these fake ones have Korea.


After all, we all want cheap things but remember there is always a price to pay after. To be on the safer side, just get your item from a recognized joint or websites like Amazon, Aliexpress, and others.


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