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How To Increase Your Phone Memory

Phones are widely used now with most of them advancing. The memory of these devices is what kills us when you buy them. The phone will be very expensive but the memory is always limited.

What if I could share with you a simple trick to get to increase your phone memory. Yes am sharing for free but you will need to pay a price to enjoy.

expand phone memory

There are 3 ways you can do this.

1.Buy a Removable SD card

2.Download an App

3.Use Cloud.


This is widely used method to increase your phone memory. The external Memory Card will give you extra storage. The SD card has storage space at 512MB to 256GB. But depending on the capacity of your phone, you can not use higher SD card or External memory card.

When buying an SD Card make sure you check the manufacturer before you do so. Some people clone this card and make them appear to be original but it doesn’t.

Also, buy from trusted People or online sites like Amazon, Ali-express, etc.

Recomended SD Card on Amazon.

Never fall for cheap but offering large space on the SD card. It is most of these cards that are a clone.

Now, insert the External SD card into its slot of your phone and use the space on it. You can download your popular videos, Slides, etc and use at a go.


Some Apps offers good assistance when it comes to memory increase. There are a bunch of Apps to download for free. But am going to share with you my top 3.

There is no way you are not going to get value for your money.



3. Terminal Emulator App


Now documents are well stored in the Cloud. Thats you store your things online so that you can access it anywhere you get an internet.

Google Cloud is known to most people. It offers you free storage for you to store your documents when you have email.

It is popularly known is G -Drive or google drive. You will get free 15GB space or memory where you can store and access your documents anytime.

Its easy to setup. All format of documents can be stored there.

So guys you still have a chance on your phone. Use any of the above strategy and you will not lack space.

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