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How To Unsubscribe from the MTN Spin The Wheel Messages.

Have you also been having a lot of messages from MTN to Spin the wheel? Here is how to unsubscribe from this offer.

MTN spin the wheel

First of all, I don’t think it’s true that you will eventually receive any gift from MTN if you continue to Spin it.

Also, we have not had numerous winners who can testify to these claims. But why then do MTN keep on disturbing us with these messages? The messages are not for free. You are been charged for spinning the wheel even if you don’t win. So the money they make is added to their Revenue. You can do your own calculations even when a per message is costing GHS0.1P.

Therefore, to unsubscribe from this what I called expenses here is what you need to do.

Send or Reply NO to the message when it comes and you will see a notification confirming your exit. See an example below.

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