Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for your site. I came in contact with this when I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. But am no more with them because they charge higher prices to be their member but I learnt so many things there even some of my best experiences and know how in blogging was gained there.

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But they have this tool which is amazing as to how you can easily swerve your way through if you are starting out on website creation and getting ranked on first pages of google, yahoo, bing and so forth.

Their powerful SEO techniques were all due to Jaaxy which is their best product when it comes to keyword research.

If you are a new blogger or expert still you will need this tool I bet you. For now, everything on the web depends on ranking .ie. if you will not do any ads thing then you need to be ranked for free by providing the best content and getting the right keyword with less or no competition.

Jaaxy has got it all covered. All you will do is to create a free account but you will definitely have to upgrade to enjoy more.


Input your full name, email and password at the signup section when you open it and hit create an account. Within three seconds you will have the tool at hand for use.

There is a paid and free version.

On the free account you have up to 30 searches to do for free but afterwards, you will need to upgrade to a plan before you can use the site or tool. Nevertheless, you will have the best of service with the tool because I have personally tried and tested it.

The paid account, on the other hand, has unlimited searches to be used.


keyword section-jaaxy

Put in a search term or phrase into the search bar, then it will tell you the ;

SEO (The higher the number the better you will be ranked on the first page of the Search Engines).The number is from 1-100.

AVG -The average monthly traffic

Traffic-The number of traffic you will be gaining when you are on the first page of the search engines so it needs to be taken into consideration. Because traffic is the heart of an online business.

QSR-That will be the quoted search result for the phrase or keyword you have imputed which gives you the insight as to the number of competing websites ranked in google for the EXACT keyword you imputed. Wow.
KQI -The keyword quality Indicator is the spotlight for your search term. It happens to come in colours where Green is the ultimate best, Yellow is somehow good but do not go for those with Red since it will be poor in delivering.

Domains– So if you are just starting out your website and you need a domain name with the best searches or traffic the domain section of the keyword research too will again give you the availability of the domains in your search term which is overwhelming. So why wait, bro?


Jaaxy has been so helpful to me since I create this blog. All I need to do is to get my idea then I search if it will give me free traffic to my site.

My tip is, sometime back it was difficult for me to get money so what I did was to open a free account.

Sign up for your free 30 searches here.


Get to choose their upgrade plans here.

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