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5 Interesting Apps for Android

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Interesting Apps

Yah, some Apps are very interesting looking at what they do. So I wanted to boost my Android device today and I came across these Apps. I was like whaaaat? So we have all these kind of Apps?

It looked very funny when I saw what they do. Could you imagine that we got Apps for Android that let you find your phone just by clapping?

Yes, like clapping your two hands and you will find it.

Obviously, most of these Apps has low Ratings and reviews. This is because some people downloaded and it had too many Ads, frequent Update and so forth.

But I guess you will like to see these Apps. Am going to give you 5 of these Apps that are very interesting and you might be compelled to download them, hahaha. So let’s start.

The number one on my list is…

1.Find phone by clapping

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This App claims if you find your self wanting in your room when you are unable to find your phone just Clap.” Papapa” and your phone will start
ringtone, with vibrations and a flashlight.

So the next time you loose your phone in your room. Just clap.

2. Find My Phone Whistle

Cover art

Another one, Whistle with your mouth ooo, not anything else and you will find your phone. If you have this App then don’t cat-call any lady, lol. Your phone will start ringing and frustrate you.

You will have to turn it on and activate it when you download to be able to use. Then if your phone gets missed, just remember to whistle.

3. Don’t Touch My Phone

Cover art

This App also claim to auto alarm you when some tries to steal your phone from your pocket. I checked and only 5 people has given out a review. You will not even understand what they are trying to arrive at in their review.

But hey, if you think its an App that meets your needs. Just login to Google Play store and you will find it there.

4.Pregnancy test + Start Date

Cover art

Are you pregnant? Not sure? Then is App claims to be a checker for you. The App has some interesting features like

  • when is my period due
  • Sore breasts
  • Missed period and with a
  • 100% accurate online Pregnancy test + Start Date 

Lol, so if you think you need to check if your pregnant then this App is yours.

5. Period Tracker Flo, Pregnancy & Ovulation Calendar

Cover art

To my ladies again this App is for you. If you want to keep track of your ovulation to see when you are free or not then use this App.

And for some reason only known by those who downloaded it. It has over 1.8 million downloads. And don’t get it.

It claims to have some advance features like free days cheaker, preganacy calculator,lifestyle and fitness tracker and a whole lot.


So guys if you think these interesting Apps are for you, just head on to Google play and download them or if you have come across any others let us know. You can use the comment section below to let users hear from you.


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