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Make money online free

Make money online free without paying a dime to anyone. People actually approach me and ask; Roland can you make money online without scamming people? The answer is a BIG YES. There are several ways to make money online for free. But the thing is, you need to put in some effort and investment. Then whatever idea you wish to use will let you make that money for free.

Work like you have big companies offline. That is how you need to position your mind to work your way through to the top.

To better your understanding, there are better and legit ways to make money online without infringing any right or sinning. I have summarized these ways to enable you to choose which one to kick start. All matters now are decision making, lol.

  • The No.1 is GOOGLE ADSENSE. Google is a giant company when it comes to online jobs and money making. Their search engine is one of a kind and also trust for them is great. So if someone needs more traffic to their site or product they turn to them. They pay money to google to display advertisement of their products or services for them. You come in as a partner to display such advertisement on your maxresdefaultsite on behalf of Google and they also compensate you for that work done. The amount they give you depends on the amount the advertiser pays for each view of its ads.

Now the thing is if you don’t have more traffic to your site your earnings per month might also be small. People will not see the ads displayed, therefore, clicks to either make a purchase of the product or service rendered will be less. For such reason, you will not be served with ads. Although, Google has not indicated any traffic requirements to get approved. But to earn more you also have to get more traffic /people/client to visit your site frequently. Which will equally lead to product purchase or something better? So people might get $0-$5000 a month depending on the traffic they are getting as well as the number of clicks. The clicks have to be unique and google also has the software to detect that, lol. You cannot just go to your site when you are given the permission to join the AdSense program and by clicking your own site. You can even get banned in some case.

When you apply and you are accepted, Google will then send you a and Html code for you to past on your site.this code is placed on the site to allow Google to track the site and put in there the perfect ads which make to your content for you to enjoy. Remember, its free to sign up but you need to get your site registered for its domain name as well as to have not less than 10 content on your website or blog to enable you to qualify.

The payment is either by check or Paypal. You decide.

  • Affiliate Marketing-This blog is using such a system and it works even when you are either have your own domain name or a free blog. This type of marking also works even if you do not have a website but I will recommend you start with a website before you do affiliate marketing.

If you want to be an Affiliate Marketing pro you can join this man John Crestani to work it out.

I will tell you why, Affiliate marketing is you promoting someone’s product and the affperson paying you a commission for the work done, simple. But not. You need some tools which will help you succeed in this way of making money online. The deal is when you have constant traffic it becomes easier for you to make money in the passive way as well as less job. I once watched a guy who was sacked from his rat race job and not making 5 figures a month with Affiliate marketing online. I even have the video on this blog and the link as to how he did it below it too, you can check it on your left-hand side now.

So affiliate marketing is also one of a kind. Several YouTubers are using these Technics to sell their products, most at times too they become affiliated to Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Rakuten, Hostgator, WordPress, Amazon etc who pays very well. Clickbank is the very popular one so you can join the Clickbank University but all of them is good too. You will have different varieties of such programs to join. You can do a search for them but most at times, they have written them on such websites that “become Affiliate” and all you need to do is just click on it to sign up.

they have several payment methods you can use to withdraw your WordPress, most at times too they issue  International cheques.

Earning could be from $0 -$10,000 a month. All depends on your strategy and Techniques you use to sell them.

I said you needed a website, and Yes, a website will give you too many options and tools to sell the product. Like I earlier said, even if its a landing page, website, blog so forth which is not registered it can still serve the purpose. People, you direct them to your site will remain yours forever when you use a system called Email list which you can always sell to them whenever wherever. Email listing is when you collect the email addresses of those who visit your website and then afterwards you recommend products which are much of great benefits to them but you are affiliated to it for sale.

You will earn much better using these tool to advertise than spamming peoples post, pages, comments, etc with your affiliate links all because you need money. Here, you are not even thinking about the product whether it’s beneficial or not but you just feel like selling and you are doing it.

If you are starting out or already into Affiliate Marketing you will need tools to make $100-$5000 you become a pro, otherwise, then you can get nothing at the end of the day.

Also, using the website, you can offer a discount to these people because they are your clients and help them.

  • Drop shipping-I started ways back in 2015 on this program and I was amazed at the benefits and income I earned with it. Drop shipping is about you selling physical products like electronics, jewels, clothing etc to people through an eCommerce way. The eCommerce is selling some products like what mentioned above to people online, but with drop shipping you will not own the product before you sell,you will not reveal your identity if you like,and you will not be doing anything in terms of logistics and others which comes with shipping of goods abroad or across border.

All you need is to find some drop shipping websites dp.pnglike Aliexpress,wholesale2b, Salehoo, Doba, Dropship Direct, sunrise wholesale etc and they are there online when you put a search with google. Join any of them to start. Some will give you a free trial, money back guarantees, free signed up option which will help you start on a silver plate. But I will recommend you do some paid advertisement for the products to earn  more . Also, you can create a free 7 trail website with Shopify and get products from Oberlo to also to dropship for free. Oberlo deals with Aliexpress so if you want to use Aliexpress as your drop shipping website you can use it through shopify.

Also, there is this method that a lot of Ghanaians and Nigerians guys are using which is very brilliant called MINI-IMPORTATION. They order goods abroad  from Ali-express at lower prices, where some even cost $0.05 and resell them in their home country for bigger price like$10.Yeah, that’s what I was also doing in my office. I order bags, necklace, watches, bracelet, wedding rings etc and resell to my work mates and it was very good. I think you can try that too.

With drop shipping you can earn like $500 -$70,000 a  month for your a successful business, there is no way you can lose.

  • YouTube-Hurray!! teachers, when it comes to YouTube I recommend Teachers take advantage of it. But the thing is, you will need to polish yourself with some online training before you can deliver to the best to teach but as a teacher, you already have this idea and so adjusting yourself to it will be much easier. There are numerous of ways to make money from YouTube. Here, YouTube pay you for Simple-ways-to-earn-money-on-YouTubeadvertising on your videos and also you can promote your Affiliate products and services by leaving the link in the videos details below your video.

You can earn from$0 to $8500 or more from this. Monetize your video with google adsense as talked above and get paid. This happens too when you have a lot of followers /subscribers there who will be watching your videos. There are so many ideas to put out there for it to be watched for you to earn. Some of these could be How to’s, dancing, funny short videos etc you can do it. So don’t waste your time on unnecessary things and make good use of your time. Share your video links everywhere online and enjoy its benefits, that’s all.

  • Sell Books-You will say; how do i sell my book to the computer? naa, that is not what I meant. Your hard copy book can be sold by making it an electronic book(E-books). Yes, plenty downloadable books online were someone’s idea which he/she has turn it into a book. Bro you can do this, there are so many sites that will help you create a PDF form of your book and there are so many sites that will let you sell Selling-eBooks.pngyour books or better still you can sell on your own website. People are doing this and earn not less than $9000 a month  but you are not, why?

Books can be sold at Etsy, Amazon, Ebay etc and they will earn you so much more. create a sale funnel for it like letting people sell on your behalves and pay them to a commission to make more sales. The more you sell the more you earn as simple as that bro. There is a free tool called Canva where you can create  free eBook cover to entice customers but your book should be one of a kind to gain popularity and resell.

  • Sell your own handcraft -Do you posses any skill or art? then you can make money from online people by sell to them this handcraft. If you know coding, photoshopping, etc you can sell to people by setting up a website for them to consult you or you can join a freelancing like upwork, freelancer etc  to sell your skills .Your-Own-Product

You can earn not less $500 per work in doing so. If they say the internet is full of opportunities trust me, it’s true. All you need is to ask google that where do I do this or that and everything will be there to follow. I never knew i could create a website. Nobody taught me how to do so. But there is a saying that” …..all play and no work make jack a lazy cat’, simple. So for you to visit your friends and laugh your lungs out  why not do something which will be beneficial to you and your friends. Talking of doing something beneficial let me move to my next point which is creating a website.

  • Create a Website/Blog–Starting from a normal blog to Ecommerce site are all there to fetch you some cash. Some people even just such for free content to publish on their sit but still the earn than even a headteacher in my country. The most beautiful part is when you start earning from your website, it becomes a legacy for your generation to benefit from. There are so many platforms to create a free or paid website. The choice I will say is always yours. Free blogs and website can earn websmoney through Affiliate marketing or sell your own products but when you subscribe to a paid or premium website you are open to so many opportunities online which will generate enough money to cover your expenses at the long run. All you need is to gather patience and consistency to be able to succeed.

If you don’t have the money to start for the premium site creation you can do this free types but i will recommend you use wordpress to set up your free websites. When you have to subscribe to a paid plan you can easily upgrade too but you can be posting your content to the world even if you are using the free plan. There are also several platforms like google sites, Wix, Blogger etc to use as well.

Create a website with simple catch and drop or without any coding to receive an income which equal your minister’s.

You can learn how to create a website here with this step by step tutorials.

  • Petty online Jobs like answering surveys, pols, copy /paste and Testing or playing games/sites. These  are also forms of earning money online but deserves much attention and work. Here, let me share this secret that you can use to earn more from it. You will have to build an audience by getting more downlines or what we call referrals. So when these  referrals  increases then you earn high. The Method you can use to get these referrals is by inviting your facebook friends, school mates, etc and you are good to

One funny but a true thing with online money makings is by getting more friends online and you can make more . You can not do it alone bro, see even this website creation and stuff you still need people to visit your site and not only you. You see the thing, so make it a point to get followers, subscribers, friends etc online or offline and you are good to go.

Let me share this too, a guy I usually watch his videos on youtube has this trick,he give videos on funny issues,what he does is during his interviews or afterwards he tell the people he meet to visit his channel to watch it and now he has over 157k people subscribed to his youtube channel, simple but it works and you can do same. You can do your calculations on the amount he earns per week on only his youtube channel.

Get more followers  and make the 5 figures a week like some do.


  1. If you have a big community on Social Networks(Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram…) you can easily make money just by publishing Sponsor Post Want to make money creating content? Get started today

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