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Start Making Money Online With Youtube

YouTube is the most visited places online and you can surely make money from there.”The domain name “” was activated on February 14, 2005, with video upload options being integrated on April 23, 2005. The first YouTube video, titled Me at the zoo, was uploaded on April 23, 2005, and shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo.” this is the history according to Wikipedia.

There are ways you can start making money online with YouTube which is going to share below. It consists of a few things. So just sit tight and relax.

First of all, you will have to create a YouTube channel for yourself or brand in other to make money there.


  • So this very simple, easy and Free. The reason for saying so is that you will not hire someone to do it for you.
  • You will not subscribe to any plan
  • No sophisticated software unless you choose to

First create a Google account and use it to sign in to YouTube.yeah.


Simple go to the google search bar and type in ‘google account’ if you do not already own one to create a new account.

A form will be shown to you after clicking on the google account.

Fill the forms with your name, username, phone number, and password.

The username and password will give you the auto login to Youtube.

YouTube Dashboard

Afterwards, sign in to YouTube using the same details. When you have your dashboard/home of the youtube website then head straight to My channel.

A new window with like the one in the picture will show. Don’t be in a hurry to click on the create channel but rather for branding sake click on the “Use business or other names” beside the create account.

A new page which will give you access to input the brand you wish to establish appears.

Enter the name of what you want and hit on create.

That’s it! You have your brand new channel interface to edit/insert in your picture and stuff.

Make sure you add the best banner or Art of your channel for easy identification. Also, add a thumbnail which could be your own picture or that of your brand.

Try as much as possible to make that backend fresh and cool for the eye so that it can attract people too.


To upload video to your Youtube channel, just click the upload button on the top right corner of your computer or your youtube channel page.


This will redirect you to your desktop to enable you to select the video from the folder in which you have stored on your computer.


  • Branding-You will have to focus more on that side and be the best in it. So in uploading video content on Youtube, you will have to be good at making something before you start it. You see a lot of vlogs on Reviews, Niche, Affiliate Marketing etc and all these things are on point with few exceptions. So build yourself a brand in any other niche you do a great job in. That will let you come out with the best videos and you will be notable for that which in the long run will increase your converging, traffic and money. So for instance, if you like travelling, you could probably do videos on you travelling to places with a lot of insight on what the place really looks like.
  • Make Your Channel feel Welcoming with Arts and designs. -So you could add a logo or art or even yourself to every video posted thumbnail to build a good brand for easy identification. You will have most of the people coming to your site for the second time because they saw your logo, picture etc on the video posted. These must be attractive and unique to be able to stand out.
  • Jack of all-Making and Intro and Outro– Hey, there are several ways to make intro and outro on videos. It could be funny, ethical, emotional mouth watering etc. Just get a special way of doing it but remember, there should be a call to action on all of them to help in converging. Going trillions of followers are not what you needed but rather to make money from your channel. So either you are letting you viewers to buy a product, visit your website, leave comments etc are the best ways to make money online with your youtube channel.
  • Leverage other social media platforms.- There are other platforms where you can get tons of people to visit your channel for more views. Make use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to make the best out of your channel.
  • Build Bond With Your Followers– Those on your channel are humans as you are so by any case someone drops a comment, message or any other on your video do well to reply if not all most of them. Some people even find your vlog interesting and subscribe to your channel for some answered comments. But don’t take their words too personal for humans can discourage you sometimes.

So with all the above try as much as possible to im[lement to get the best out of the channel and any other creative ways you can add. You will surely need tools before you start a Youtube channel to make money. Few tools are ;

  1. A smartphone, it could be android or Apple the choice depends on you but the camera should be very good or you can buy an affordable but camera (Canon) if you want. Learn How To Quickly Shoot Video With Any DSLR Or Mirrorless Camera.
  2. Video Editing software it could be free to use like Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows and iMovie for MAC. For a step above you will need paid ones.


This is the very part that you would probably be waiting for. Since you’ve gotten everything in place then you have to make money from the channel. So I will share below.

  • You need to open an account with Google Adsense. Its free to join and if you haven’t heard about it then you are so far away from making money online. So its google who will place ads on your videos, then for any time there is a click by your viewers you earn money, simple. Learn How to make good use of it on your youtube channel or website here. So with Adsense, for the first time, you will need to reach a payment threshold of $100 to be able to receive a paycheck to your address or bank account.
  • Affiliate Marketing -This is what most of the Youtubers used to make like$8000 to $30,000 a month.Yeah! You just have to share a link of Products of major brands on AMAZON, CLICKBANK, COMMISSION JUNCTION etc on your channel then you direct your viewers to use your link to purchase those products. So maybe you have a Review channel on Health and Fitness Products.T hen you found one product which has great benefits and you decide that, hey, let me share this product with my audiences who need to get “six packs or flat belly in a week” then you share the link in your videos bio. Afterwards, you tell them that if they need the products that you are talking about they should go through the link in the video bio to purchase.Simple.You can add coupons to it if you have to also build some rapport with your audience as we spoke about in the tips to help you get started with your channel. When the users buy the item you will be given a commission. Clickbank offers up to 75% commission their affiliates but the other is small but continues purchase or recurring will earn you higher and on a daily basis that’s why people could get the figure I quoted above. Learn more on click bank here.
  • Consulting and Sponsors-When you start seeing tremendous growth in your audience then you can offer high ticket money making ways like acting as a consultant to people. Taking the example of Health and Fitness, you could advise people on their dietary, lifestyle etc when they pay you for consultation. That’s cool right. They might ask that if he /she is doing this for free then why not pay more for access to the best of them all. Secondly, when major brands might approach you to let you advertise their products on your channel and you will make some bucks too.sweet!


To sum it up you need to get high-quality videos for your youtube channel which has to be fun, entertaining and engaging to your audience or any other people who will stumble upon your channel to help you get

  • More traffic
  • High converging rate
  • Making money

Also, you need to upload more and on a constant basis to your Youtube channel to be able to rank higher if not all but most of your videos on the Youtube Search Engine.

Thanks for staying with me and if you find this article promising, kindly share on social media. Also, you can leave comments on its section below for any suggestion or update.


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