There are several ways or platforms where a blog/website could be made. But in this post am going to limit it to WordPress type of website since it has or hold 65% of all online blogs and websites.

WordPress is by far the best platform which you can easily create a website with no coding needed. All you need is to drag and drop.

Blogging or website creation has changed a lot of internet users lives since it came into existence. People like Zuckerberg(Facebook), Jeff Bezos(Amazon), Jack Ma (Aliexpress), Myself etc have all made our way through in the internet business.

I resigned from my banking job and started a full-time online entrepreneur job which has been very overwhelming because as at the time I was taking this quest it very difficult for me to do but now am reaping its harvest.

Few Notes You need to know

So if you want to start with creating a blog or website there are a few notes you need to know before you proceed.

  1. Your website name(Domain Name)
  2. Hosting
  3. Content/Niche
  4. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  5. Traffic
  6. Investment/Time
  7. Setting a Goal
  8. Going Social
  9. Copywriting
  10. Monetization

The above 10 things are must know to keep on track. Every blogger or website developers have these things on hand and therefore you will need that too. You don’t have to be an expert in all of them to become successful but the basics of it are essential. I remember when I started learning about blogging way back 2013 but little did I know about copyrighting so when I finished setting the website up, I then went straight to other peoples site and copy their content to past on mine .hahaha don’t act like me in 2013. Do everything as your normal easy writing at school and trust me you will get there.

Starting out on your website.

There are a lot of platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Sitebuilder, Squarespace, etc which all serve the purpose but NB. WordPress tops all so don’t bother choosing any different one. Head straight to and sign up for free.

After signing up you will have to choose your Niche and then a domain name. Domain name is your website name. So it will be something like your and so forth.

Before then, you will have to choose the name Niche you are passionate about before you proceed so that you don’t stick with what to post on your website and also it doesn’t become so boring when you are to update the site.

Try your hands here to see if your domain name is not taken.
Also, if you are looking for a keyword research tool that will help you rank high on all search engines be it Google, Yahoo etc Jaaxy is what I recommend. Open a free account for 30 searches now.

You can read my review on this Jaaxy keyword research tool here
I don’t think someone who loves singing cools songs will just get into Hip Hop’s, yeh, that how it works. Choose a better or suitable niche where you will feel empty a day without typing.wordpress login

You need to HOST your site.

The same with this one. There are so many hosting platforms that have a one-click install of WordPress. Some of these hosting platforms include Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator etc but remember WordPress itself has its own hosting plan so when you choose you will get free domain names and everything you will need from $4 to $25 a month but billed annually.


If you are just starting out to go anywhere to do these things since you are just learning so that after you have become an expert you can go for such hosting platforms and choose but mind you those have smaller fees been charged.

Choosing Your design.

When you are done with choosing your niche and your domain name then you will have to set up your website design. Will you like a column or two. Go straight to your WordPress theme and choose as to how you will like your site interface to look like. With the WordPress themes it has free/Paid when you have not subscribed to any hosting plan but when you assign your site to any hosting plan all you will have access to all paid themes for free.

Here you will have to take into consideration if you are starting just a blog, business website, school, eCommerce, News site, Job board and select according to what type of website you are creating.

You apply and save and you will have a brand new website created.

add new theme

These themes come with their own post which is irrelevant that you will have to delete and start your own post.

Do not start a website or blog without these two things or pages;

  • About me
  • Contact Me

These will help you connect with your audience or people who visit your website.

How to Create a Page.

The pages as I listed above is created by visiting the sidebar at the left-hand side of your dashboard. Click on it and select add New Page.

add new page

You can add Media like pictures, videos etc to it using that section. Afterwards, hit publish and you will have nice About me and Contact pages on your site.

To add a post to your site click on the post icon at your left-hand side and an interface similar to the page will appear where you can add your post title and content.

Setting up the website Appearance.

To add any widget to your site visit the Appearance section and choose widget. You can add search, recent post, categories, calendar,y our picture etc to the widget section. This is always shown at the left or right-hand side of every website or blog to give out information to the audience for easy navigation.S sometimes people use it to promote their ads, promo or countdown to an event. It all depends on you the kind of feeling or uniqueness you want to give to your site.

add widgets in wordpress

After all, set and done you will have to add more content to your site.T he content or post should be meaningful for everyone to understand what you are trying to say. Construct good English and be professional.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

This is the heart of your business so take it very seriously. If someone will find your website on the internet or not will depend on SEO. We have a Google search engine, Bing, Yahoo etc.T hey publish your site to their searchers for them to read on your site.S o you need to treat it with caution.


As you can see above, the post of this website is found on the google search engine and this will help people to make good use of what they need to know. This will drive traffic to your site too.

Because traffic is what you need to succeed in online business.

For you to earn such credibility of the search engines choosing your site post and ranking them higher or on first pages within their competitors. You will have to write a post between 1500 to 2000 words which are free from copyrighting and very relevant.

Also, don’t forget to share on social media too.

Here is how to get traffic to your site.

Traffic is the headache of every blogger starting out. There more traffic you get to your site the more you make the money. So here are tools for fresher;

  • Social Media-Every post must be shared by yourself too after you are done publishing to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to get organic traffic to your site.
  • Email Marketing-Try as much as possible to let your visitors stuck with you so that you can email them to read your next post by collection their email addresses using the contact form.cnt
  • Guest Posting-Write on other people’s website for free and get visitors from there too. All you need is to include your website link in your post relating to what you have written then people visit for more explanation.
  • Paid ADS-If you have the money you can also set up an advertisement for your site if you think it deserves such. Google Adwords, Facebook ads are the most popular ones and you will surely get a lot of visitors. But I will recommend this for those who are setting up a paid site or eCommerce store.

Yes, you can make MONEY from your blog or website.

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There are several ways to make money from your website. The most popular ones are Google Adsense, affiliate marketing but most of them are explained here.

When you have upload say 10 posts or more you can then apply for Google Adsense to promote their ads on your site. Its free to apply but make sure you really need to do it at that stage before you apply unless you will get rejected.

Image result for high adsense earnings

Affiliate Marketing is also free to join. Sites like Clickbank, commission junction, Shareasale etc can be applied to join for free and you earn from them. People are making $5000 to $9000 or more on affiliate marketing so you too could do same.

Image result for make money website


With all said and then, you ought to have patience when starting out. You need to start from kindergarten to go to university to obtain a job. Likewise this. There is no need to rush to resign your job and start a blog or website. It takes time so you will have to also take your time. But stick to your goal or plan so that you will stop in the middle of nowhere.

The fact that I said I quit my job to do online business does not mean I was not earning anything online before I quit but I saw that the amount I was making was equivalent to my salary but with hassle-free. That’s why I resigned.

You need to invest into your website or blog before it starts yielding result as well as income. Don’t be pushed by the stress at your workplace and resign but focus on what you are earning at your workplace to invest into your online business so that at the long run when you do not need that to succeed then you can say bye bye to your boss.


Master these three steps below then you will a new running website…

  • Get a platform
  • Get a domain name
  • Set it up, Done!

Remember we use a fish to catch fish.

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