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WhatsApp For PC- How to set it up

whatsapp web

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Apps to think of and use. Because of its ease in sending and receiving messages it widely used in the world. WhatsApp is known to be a Smartphone App but you can also use on your PC.

Yes actually, you will not have to download a differnt App on your PC. All you have to do is follow simple steps to get it done.

You can send messages, videos, images etc theough you PC on Whatsapp.

The PC version does require internet connectivity to use.

Here are the Steps to set it Up

  • Go to
  • Select ‘WhatsApp Web’ from the menu.
  • After that on your smartphone and Goto Whatsapp.
  • Tap on Menu where the 3 dots are or settings
  • Select the WhatsApp web there.
  • point your phone screen to the PC where it shows a Bar Code.
  • Let the phone scan the PC bar code and accept before you take off the phone.
WhatsApp web bar code
PC bar Code
  • Remove the phone from pointing to the PC bar code when captured.
  • Done, you will have all messages now been shown on the PC.

Things to Note…

*The ‘Keep me signed in’ when checked will let you have auto login

*It will on show the same WhatsApp account on the phone.

Lets hear your comment using the section below as to whether it worked or Not.



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