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Why MTN Rejected Your MobileMoney(MoMo) SIM Card Applications

MTN mobilemoney SIM Card Application

MTN is widely used in Ghana and for that matter, most people depend on their Mobile money services a lot. Some people claim that they are overcharged when transacting business with their Mobile Money services.

MTN has come out boldly to defend such comments. But won’t you be happy if you could make GHS500 a week with Mobile money business? There are people are I who are making even GHS 3000 a month from MTN mobile money business.

The issue is, people claim they get rejected when they Apply for MTN MoMo SIM card. The MTN mobile money SIM is naturally in essence in Ghana but remember that it’s not a must-have.

So if you get yourself reject when you apply for it, don’t force to buy one. Because you will face severe consciences in the long run.

There are reasons why your MTN Momo SIM card Application will get rejected. Am going to walk you through to let you get a better understanding before you apply.Image result for mtn sim registration

  • Fake Company Certificates – Please don’t bother to use someone’s certificate to apply for the MTN momo SIM card. You might think Ghana is having less supervision so you can take advantage of it. But you are wrong. Some people do proper assessments before they go ahead with any business activities and MTN is one. Get a proper Company certificate from the Registrar General’s Department and use. If you want one I can help you with a friend of mine contact who will assist you for free. Call me on  0545233491.
  • Double Application– When applying for the MTN momo SIM card don’t do more than one. Also, don’t go to different locations do apply. For example, you might go to Accra, Kumasi or Ahafo to apply. If you do that you are just worsening your case. MTN will notice that you are a fraudster who want to take advantage of their service. Some people do that to get more so that they can sell the rest. But what good will it do for you?
  • Bad Business Area– You saw that someones joint is booming so you choose the same spot. ‘My oh my’. A guy was trying to do this to me but it didn’t work. Although, we have several people selling on the same spot at Kumasi kejetia that does not guarantee that every part of Ghana can do the same. With MTN mobilemoney you need to select a location which is 100meters away from any other vendor. This will create a serene environment for trade. And most importantly, you will have a good customer relationship as well. Don’t fall for quantity but for quality and everlasting customer service. MTN will let their supervisors come and verify if indeed you are at the right station.Image result for mtn sim registration
  • Bad Structure – I saw some people who were using just an umbrella and table to do MTN Mobilemoney and I was like, How?. The next day there was the retrieval of Momo SIMs in the country. And it was amazing. That is a good job of MTN. Please before you apply, get a decent Metal or Blocks room which is very welcoming to clients. It portrays that you are really into business. A tip, you will get more customers too. Also, you can sell other things there aside from the MTN MOMO.
  • No Enquiry/ Follow up– Think of this if you apply for a job don’t you enquire afterwards? or you leave the application there just like that. The same has to be implemented here. Take the one in charge of such services number and enquire on a constant basis until you receive your Mobilemoney SIM card. Am not saying you should pay something small but to keep the relationship going you need to do a follow-up.
  • Not Visiting the Office by Yourself– Am saying this because most people will leave everything to their small child or someone either than their self to do the application. It’s not a good idea. You will not lose anything when you take 5 minutes of your time to start a business. And afterwards, you can build a rapport at the office for your next transaction and other stuff. Because you showed up you can take notes of any other thing necessary. Also, there are questions which are very personal you need to fill on the application forms.Image result for mtn sim registration office
  • Antimoney Laundering– MTN has the right to reject your application if you are into anti-money laundering. That is when the source of your money is dimed as dirty sources such as selling of cocaine, guns, human trafficking and other devious means. My dear if you know you are not getting money from a good source don’t venture.

These are some of the reasons you will get rejected when you apply for MTN SIM card for Mobilemoney business. Always do your homework well before you apply. Indeed, you will be making a lot of money but all will come through if you are accepted into the program.

If you want to turn your Mobilemoney Business into a Micro-finance call me on  0545233491 for tips.


MTN is coming to pilot a program where if you bought the Mobilemoney SIM card you cannot use it. So as I earlier indicated, don’t fall for shortcuts. It only takes up to 23 working days for you to get a genuine SIM card for your MOMO business.

If you got reject or did not receive your MTN mobile money SIM let us know by commenting below. Also kindly share this piece for a better Ghana.


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